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Media Filtering

Lately, I’ve been approached by K12 teachers across my district in search of a better way to not only organize media but filter it. “YouTube is too difficult to show because I never know what is going to present itself during my instruction.” “I feel between Discovery Education, Youtube, watchknow etc.. that I have too many choices with too little time”. So, as part of my gig, I love giving my staff resources and feel between my RSS feeds, PLN and random publications I have created a multitude of options where my teachers and students can retrieve, view and learn from instructional videos. BUT, never in a way to truly tag, organize and view in one place. Enter VuSafe in beta.

Now an essential online medium, video is a useful way for teachers to supplement classroom learning and engage students in content they can’t access on field trips or through books alone. However, finding and sharing videos can be a challenge due to safety and compliance concerns. That’s why M86 Security created VuSafe—the secure, simple way to share Internet videos.

Through VuSafe, teachers can easily manage and share approved videos and other streaming content, while safeguarding students from inappropriate advertising, comments, links and other content present on sites such as YouTube and beyond.


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One thought on “Media Filtering

  1. Adam! Great finding you tonight. I love Thinkfinity (http://www.thinkfinity.org) and think you will see great value for your teachers. The Verizon Thinkfinity State Educator Partner for you is the Colorado Department of Education. Thanks for all you do. Make it a great day.

    Posted by Melvin Hall | July 28, 2011, 9:26 pm

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