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For weeks now, between having started this blog (which I’m actually patting myself on the back for – slowly but surely), the sleepless nights (from our newest addition – kiddo #3 for which we are blessed), driving the shift in my district and of course looking ahead, I’m again beginning…..

Floating is a simple post revolving around the talented, inspirational and outstanding people we follow! When I first began diving into the blogoshpere about a year ago, I jumped into the deep-end. BUT, even with floaties, my head still dipped below the surface at times, where of course, I swallowed water – lots of water. RSS feeds that never seemed to get caught up on, overflowing email folders, tweets that never stopped and 1000s of bookmarks – what are tags? Regardless, I have since learned that taking in a little water is OK, for it focuses you up when you begin to feel that you have it all covered – just like education. And remember, floaties are cool!

I have recently read the “Top 100 Administrator Blogs” and I’m happy to say that I follow some of them but I’m looking forward to exploring more. Some have now become lifelong online friends and “colleagues”. They are men and women who have an amazing passion for what we do and are happy to leave their doors open. Take a look and follow but remember, don’t just be a lurker, get out there and jump into the deep-end, just don’t forget your flotation device.


About mountainteacher

Tech-Minded Elementary Assistant Principal who is learning, reflecting and collaborating. Husband, Daddy, Adventurer, Balance - #mtnliving #summit4stemcell


2 thoughts on “Floating….

  1. I saw that list as well. I’m happy to say I even get to work daily with one of the “hotshot one hundred!” => http://goo.gl/y8d95

    There are some really good blogs in that list…

    Posted by Sean Nash | January 17, 2011, 10:06 am
  2. Adam,

    Welcome to blogging. Great start! I look forward to learning in this space with you! Float on!

    Posted by Dave Meister | January 17, 2011, 11:27 am

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