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The Walkthrough – 21st Century Style

The Walkthrough – 21st Century Style

A couple years back, some colleagues and I decided that we wanted to push our upper tier by showcasing the possibilities of technology and instant instructional feedback. This was when we truly started dabbling with Google Forms along with mobile devices. At that time, we were still moving slow to go fast but nonetheless we … Continue reading

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Everything is much clearer above treeline. An opportunity to breathe in the fresh mountain air, catch a glimpse of the horizon and contemplate on what it took to get to the top as well as how to scale down safely. Education Elevation finds daily reflections, humor, technology and leadership in today’s public education arena. A time where climbing to the top is only half way and descending successfully is the true accomplishment.


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Tech-Minded Elementary Assistant Principal who is learning, reflecting and collaborating. Husband, Daddy, Adventurer, Balance - #mtnliving #summit4stemcell

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